Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bill and Keith: The Story of O's

A cute l'il battle is raging, the pundit version of wrestling match trash-talk. Keith Olberman has a segment on his show in which he names the nightly 3 Worst People In The World - Bill O'Reilly has made the #1 spot over 15 times. O'Reilly refuses to say Olberman's name on their air and has a policy of jettisoning anyone from the set if they do, has had Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes denounce Olberman at a recent broadcasters event. What fun! I can't wait to tune and see what they do next!

I believe that this whole thing is just a feud. Jack Benny and Fred Allen were running one in the '50s, and it's simply a form of cross-promotion. I'm not saying they're not sincere... I'm just saying that both sides benefit from a feud, because it draws attention to your show from an audience who would never consider watching otherwise.

They're both smart guys, and they both know this.

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