Friday, October 26, 2012

It Looks Like I Owe The Birthers An Apology

There is footage of Obama being born in Kenya!

Wow, that kid was huge! Oh wait, the guys addresses that.

Babies are born heavy all the time; I see no issue with that. And I assure you, most of the general public has no idea how big infants are in Kenya.

You might think the US is a fat society, but in Kenya they are born big and then they become light. Which is evidenced by the fact that today, Obama is really light and fit. That’s just the way it is.
That's just the way it is, okay? Stop arguing and FACE THE TRUTH SHEEPLE.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quote of the Day: Yeah! Wait NO! Edition

Ginny Lewis, a Democrat and 72-year-old retired district attorney from Princeton, Ky., says she'll vote for Romney because "I'm tired of the Republicans blaming all the debt on Democrats, so let them take over and see what they do."

Free Speech DEMANDS That We Execute Journalists

So says Eric Rush of World Net Daily!

(cutting and pasting is tricky with this one, so you'll have to read the whole thing. But to summarize: "When Romney takes office in January, we must try and execute most of the journalists in this country for treason." Honest!)

First they defend Mubarek and Osama Bin Laden, now they advocate the killing of reporters. Patterns here? Hands?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump, Apologist For 99% of America's Red Meat

Sorry, what? Trump is up to something else today also?

I wouldn't presume to tell the President what to do, though if it were me I'd make a counter-offer: I'd release the transcripts and give a half-mil to Trumps favorite charity (Hair Club For Men?) if Romney releases 10 more years of tax returns. Then, EVERYBODY would be happy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Can't Get Behind This: Free Weed For Votes

Pot Prizes May Have Lured More Eagle Rock Residents To Vote « CBS Los Angeles

Don't get me wrong, I'm for more people voting. And I think offering a little somethin' somethin', like money off Starbucks, is a nice civic gesture. AS LONG AS YOU'RE NOT RUNNING AS THE PRO-STARBUCKS candidate.

Quote of the Day: Romney Is No Taft Edition

“Governor Romney came in here tonight and showed he was presidential,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said after the debate. “The president was small. … Only Mitt Romney spoke and acted like a president.”

Monday, October 22, 2012

Could You Narrow That Frame A Little Please?

Warner Todd Huston pointed this story out to me.

When Richard Nottage of Kingley agreed to help out his ex-wife after she broke her leg, he had no idea that doing so made him a dues-paying member of a union.

"My ex-wife needed help and asked if I could help her," he said. "She'd called adult services, which did an interview and said she qualified for assistance. I helped her out for a couple of months and received one check that covered two pay periods (from May 16 to June 30). When I looked at the check I noticed it had union dues taken out of it. All I did was help out my ex-wife a few weeks and suddenly I was in a union."

Nottage said he had no idea how that happened.

"It was a surprise," Nottage said. "I didn't want to be in a union. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't figure out how this union was tied to the state. It seems pretty unfair. What did I get from the union? What could I get from the union? Nothing."
Warner is now in the position of defending a union thug, no less corrupt and savage than the teachers and firemen he has denigrated in the past. Plus, Nottage is a guy who was requesting money from the government with no strings attached because he was too much of a freeloader to provide for his wife's health. And all of the sudden, he's a victim?

Warner also pointed out to me in twitter that the money wasn't for free health care.
Which to me says, he was bothered that the government WASN'T FORCING HIM TO USE THE MONEY IN A PARTICULAR WAY. I'd have thought he'd be for that.

I have no quarrel with Mr. Nottage, who to me is a guy who found himself in a tight spot and made use of a program to help him out. What bothers me is now, I don't know what the Tea Party stands for. Maybe Mitt Romney is their dream candidate after all!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Future Of Politics

Disappointed that the Presidential debate a couple of days ago wasn't rancorous enough? Well, national politics is always behind the curve. Check back in a few years when guys like this make it through the primaries.
The highlight came about halfway through the debate when Fields accused Ellison of spending money to research Fields personal life. Earlier this month, City Pages reported on a restraining order Fields' ex-wife filed against him back in 2006, though it's unclear who paid for the research that dug up the court filing. Ellison, who accused Fields of lying repeatedly throughout the debate, took particular umbrage with the you-spent-money-to-get-dirt-on-me accusation and went into meltdown mode. 
"You're really stupid for bringing up the domestic violence," Ellison said. "You're a scumbag. You're a lowlife scumbag."
Also notable, our own local battle between Democrats Berman and Sherman.

The good news is, I see politics returning to civility (relative civility, obviously) in about a decade. The bad news is, it will be about one year after this current trend peaks. And by then, it will be Whigs versus Tories because we'll be through with this bunch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Must Be Loud In The Fox News Offices!

If you missed the debate last night, you will want to turn to transcripts to find out what was said. The snarky folk at Wonkette noticed last night that Fox News had an unfortunate audio gap (click on the above pictures to see it more fully) which was pretty lengthy! It was about a minute and a half of audio which couldn't be transcribed.

The good news is that every other news organization in the country managed to get the response down. It went like this:

We, of course, don’t want to have automatic weapons, and that’s already illegal in this country to have automatic weapons. What I believe is we have to do, as the president mentioned towards the end of his remarks there, which is to make enormous efforts to enforce the gun laws that we have, and to change the culture of violence that we have.
And you ask how — how are we going to do that? And there are a number of things. He mentioned good schools. I totally agree. We were able to drive our schools to be number one in the nation in my state. And I believe if we do a better job in education, we’ll — we’ll give people the — the hope and opportunity they deserve and perhaps less violence from that. But let me mention another thing. And that is parents. We need moms and dads, helping to raise kids. Wherever possible the — the benefit of having two parents in the home, and that’s not always possible. A lot of great single moms, single dads. But gosh to tell our kids that before they have babies, they ought to think about getting married to someone, that’s a great idea.
Thank heavens! I mean maybe someone was cleaning their AK-47 in the newsroom and it went off. In any event, good thing for Fox News that they're not the only network! Sometimes you need the biased totally-in-the-tank-for-Obama ones to take up the slack.

Hey by the way, Mitt Romney is for gun control! Who knew, right?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quote Of The Day: Stop Me Before I Vote Again Edition

Our country might have been better off if it was still just men voting. There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women. They are diabolical in how than can skewer a person. I do not see that in men. The whole time I worked, I'd much rather have a male boss than a female boss. Double-minded, you never can trust them.
Janis Lane, president of the Central Mississippi Tea Party

Monday, October 15, 2012

Finally, A Way To Make The Empty Chair Racist

MORGAN HILL, Calif. — Some residents are calling a symbolic political display erected by a Morgan Hill homeowner that features two watermelons and a noose racist and even vaguely threatening towards President Obama.
The apparent reference to President Obama made some people passing by, including Republicans, uneasy.
"We shouldn't be threatening with a noose and a watermelon," said San Martin resident Ben Gomez. "I believe that's a little over the top. I like the chair and the teleprompter. I mean, they're just copying Clint Eastwood, so I can't blame them on that one. But the noose goes a little over the edge."
Listen SeƱor Gomez, you're either with us or against us. Why don't you drop the chalupa and go back to Spainland with your 30 relatives?

Look, it's not like people aren't joking about lynching Mitt Romney. I mean, somewhere they must be.

Job Advice

Look, I'm not going to tell you how to vote, but I'll tell you this - if your boss is going to use the results of the coming elections as an excuse to lay you off, you might as well quit and look for a better boss.

Wait until after the election, of course. If it goes the way I think it will, then your days there are numbered.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Opera Windows

In the film releasing world, "window" is a term describing the amount of time between when a movie is released in theatres and when it comes out in ancillary markets. For example, The Social Network had about a six month window before it came out on DVD and Blu-Ray, and maybe another 2 months before it was streaming for free on Netflix.

The Social Network was, of course, a huge hit and usually the studios will keep that window big on hits, to maximize their profits. As long as you keep buying tickets, they're going to keep it in the theatres.

Which brings us to this press release article on Newsmax.

A blockbuster documentary film that broke box-office records and exposed President Obama’s past is set for release as a DVD on the eve of the presidential elections.

“2016: Obama’s America” rose quickly in ticket sales to become one the most successful documentaries ever released to theaters, will now have a major second act on Oct 16.

That’s when 2016 will be released as a DVD.
At this writing 2016 is #29 on the national box office charts, but it's only been out for 13 weeks. It's made $33 million dollars (I'm not sure which records have been broken; it's neither documentaries nor political documentaries) but it's safe to say that the people behind the movie are convinced that they're out of juice at the box office. Perhaps they're counting the $300 million dollars they'll make on video? Maybe they'll make another movie depicting the flood of viewers coming to see the first one, and call it an "re-enactment".

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Your Liberal Media

And those liberals almost got away with it!

We have a number of corrections tonight for a story in our 5 o’clock news. The story focused on three new ads from Senator Claire McCaskill aimed at opponent todd akin’s remarks about rape. We incorrectly said there was one ad. We mistakenly said the ads featured two women speaking out against McCaskill. The ads actually feature three women – all survivors of sexual assault – and they were speaking on behalf of McCaskill. Also, a reading error lead to a misquote of one of the women in the ad, who actually said “I’m a pro-life mother and a survivor of an extremely violent sexual assault. As a woman of faith, I must forgive Todd Akin. But as a voter, it’s not something I can forget.” And finally, the McCaskill camp objected to our use of the phrase “controversial characters” when refering to the women in the ads. We apoloigize for that characterization and the errors.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I Would Have Been Disappointed By The Debate Too

Sure I think about politics all the time, but that doesn't mean I watch the debates. Actually I would have only I had a better thing to do last night - the Cinerama Dome was hosting a screening of It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World in its original insanely wide aspect ratio. It was on a screen so curved that it seemed to take place on the surface of Venus.

Still from what I'm hearing that Mitt Romney fellah did much, much better than that Barack Obama fellah. Not just Breitbart is saying this. The Stephanie Miller program (my morning show of choice) put forth that view. Every MSM outlet I have encountered today said it. What good is having the entire media in the tank for you if you can't get them to fudge the results of a debate? I'm telling you, when the Jews were running the media it was a lot more on message.

It's way to early to tell if there is a "debate bounce" in the offing for Romney, but will anyone really be convinced that the campaign performance of the last six months was the aberration and last night was the real Romney? In fact, is anyone convinced there IS a real Romney?

Well whatever, I'm moved to say this November may the best man win. If it turns out to be the man both sides hate, if he's the best one then let's make it work people.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Don't Be Afraid Little One

What's this country coming to where a guy can't admit that he prefers Judge Scalia while campaigning in a centrist state? The voters tried to CENSOR Scott Brown and it had a chilling effect on his free speech rights!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Reasoned Debate

I think this one falls in into the category of "argument with an empty chair".