Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Future Of Politics

Disappointed that the Presidential debate a couple of days ago wasn't rancorous enough? Well, national politics is always behind the curve. Check back in a few years when guys like this make it through the primaries.
The highlight came about halfway through the debate when Fields accused Ellison of spending money to research Fields personal life. Earlier this month, City Pages reported on a restraining order Fields' ex-wife filed against him back in 2006, though it's unclear who paid for the research that dug up the court filing. Ellison, who accused Fields of lying repeatedly throughout the debate, took particular umbrage with the you-spent-money-to-get-dirt-on-me accusation and went into meltdown mode. 
"You're really stupid for bringing up the domestic violence," Ellison said. "You're a scumbag. You're a lowlife scumbag."
Also notable, our own local battle between Democrats Berman and Sherman.

The good news is, I see politics returning to civility (relative civility, obviously) in about a decade. The bad news is, it will be about one year after this current trend peaks. And by then, it will be Whigs versus Tories because we'll be through with this bunch.

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