Monday, October 22, 2012

Could You Narrow That Frame A Little Please?

Warner Todd Huston pointed this story out to me.

When Richard Nottage of Kingley agreed to help out his ex-wife after she broke her leg, he had no idea that doing so made him a dues-paying member of a union.

"My ex-wife needed help and asked if I could help her," he said. "She'd called adult services, which did an interview and said she qualified for assistance. I helped her out for a couple of months and received one check that covered two pay periods (from May 16 to June 30). When I looked at the check I noticed it had union dues taken out of it. All I did was help out my ex-wife a few weeks and suddenly I was in a union."

Nottage said he had no idea how that happened.

"It was a surprise," Nottage said. "I didn't want to be in a union. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't figure out how this union was tied to the state. It seems pretty unfair. What did I get from the union? What could I get from the union? Nothing."
Warner is now in the position of defending a union thug, no less corrupt and savage than the teachers and firemen he has denigrated in the past. Plus, Nottage is a guy who was requesting money from the government with no strings attached because he was too much of a freeloader to provide for his wife's health. And all of the sudden, he's a victim?

Warner also pointed out to me in twitter that the money wasn't for free health care.
Which to me says, he was bothered that the government WASN'T FORCING HIM TO USE THE MONEY IN A PARTICULAR WAY. I'd have thought he'd be for that.

I have no quarrel with Mr. Nottage, who to me is a guy who found himself in a tight spot and made use of a program to help him out. What bothers me is now, I don't know what the Tea Party stands for. Maybe Mitt Romney is their dream candidate after all!


Publius said...

I would comment, but it is obvious you neither read my post nor the post that I linked to. Your reply here is like me saying that I like WWII history and you replying, "Oh, so you wanted to be a Nazi, eh?" Non sequitur, strawman, nonsense.

rnottage said...

"Nottage is a guy who was requesting money from the government with no strings attached because he was too much of a freeloader to provide for his wife's health."

Small problem with reading comprehension?

Just so you know, the only fact you even came close to getting right was my last name.

Just to set the record straight (but reading one blog entry of yours assures me you never bother with such trivial matters as facts!) I helped out my EX Wife (not my wife) and SHE is the one who inquired and was interviewed to see if SHE qualified for assistance NOT ME! I knew nothing of it till she told me what she did. I was helping her without compensation, no strings attached, out of the kindness of my heart. You know, that thing all liberals like to claim of having the corner on the market! But so many never deliver!

You sir, are an Idiot!

Richard Nottage

Daniel Krause said...

I'm grateful that you wrote to me to correct the facts, Mr. Nottage. You're absolutely right that I got the wife/ex-wife thing wrong. And I'm sorry that your ex apparently has roped you into being a union member against your will.

You know though, you had the option of not cashing the check, and demanding that the money that went to the SEIU be returned on those grounds. Since I assume it wasn't an awful lot of money, the loss would have been well worth the statement made.

Anyway, my mangling of the facts notwithstanding I still mean what I said about having no quarrel with you; my post was meant to poke fun at some of the more extreme positions that Warner takes. Also I could have done without being called an idiot, but that's your prerogative sir.