Thursday, October 04, 2012

I Would Have Been Disappointed By The Debate Too

Sure I think about politics all the time, but that doesn't mean I watch the debates. Actually I would have only I had a better thing to do last night - the Cinerama Dome was hosting a screening of It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World in its original insanely wide aspect ratio. It was on a screen so curved that it seemed to take place on the surface of Venus.

Still from what I'm hearing that Mitt Romney fellah did much, much better than that Barack Obama fellah. Not just Breitbart is saying this. The Stephanie Miller program (my morning show of choice) put forth that view. Every MSM outlet I have encountered today said it. What good is having the entire media in the tank for you if you can't get them to fudge the results of a debate? I'm telling you, when the Jews were running the media it was a lot more on message.

It's way to early to tell if there is a "debate bounce" in the offing for Romney, but will anyone really be convinced that the campaign performance of the last six months was the aberration and last night was the real Romney? In fact, is anyone convinced there IS a real Romney?

Well whatever, I'm moved to say this November may the best man win. If it turns out to be the man both sides hate, if he's the best one then let's make it work people.

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