Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are Conservatives Meaner?

I'm ruminating on this recently, because of some high-profile carping about a few SCHIP spokeschildren (is it my imagination, or is this guy in the National Review implying that poor people just shouldn't have children?) and Ann Coulter's expressed desire that all people should be Christian, whether they like the idea or not. And anything Michelle Malkin says about anything.

Malkin also comes up here, because her item about Randi Rhodes caught my eye. The Air America host had a jogging accident which caused the loss of a couple of teeth and considerable bruising. There was speculation that perhaps she had been mugged; and that since she wasn't carrying any money in her sweats that perhaps she was beat up by Rethuglicans. It now emerges that she tripped. Malkin noted the earlier speculation and made fun of it. That's fair, though her attempt to imply that it's what all liberals do all the time is ham-fisted and ridiculous.

But WAMK (see the links to the right) and I have had this discussion before about famous politicos in the news and their personal sufferings, in which he insists that people who comment in left-wing blogs are vicious and mean and right-wing commenters are gracious. From Malkin's comment section - you be the judge!

Sounds like Randi should be joining a different “AA”.

I’ve never heard of her until today. I’ve seen a picture of her and I realized that she looks like a mudkip. I was thinking that she was either attacked by her own dog or some Pokemon creature. That or she was riding in a car with Ted Kennedy, sobered up a little and she knew what was next so she jumped out the car while it was still moving.

I find it particularly gratifying that she lost some teeth…that’ll teach her not to down 14 bloody marys at a sitting

I'm not saying this is worse than what you'll see in Daily Kos (hell, even I don't read Daily Kos) but it's far from gracious. Randi has said some pretty incendiary things so perhaps she getting as good as she gives. This all goes to support my thesis that being an a-hole doesn't know party affiliation.

Feel free to make fun of doughy physique in the comment section!


WAMK said...

How about this example:


in which a current US Congressman (while on the floor), accuses the sitting President of deriving "amusement" from seeing US Troops "to get their heads blown off".

Is that a good example of Democrat "kindness?

Sorry it wasn't "just" an example of a Leftie blogger commenting on Daiy Kos, but it still fits the discussion, no?

How do you feel about Mr. Stark's comments?

Danielk said...

Limiting my response to Mr. Stark, the comment was childish and inappropriate. Obviously the president isn't "amused" when the troops get killed; it brings down his poll numbers. Bush certainly is callous about troop deaths but that's a necessary quality in the commander-in-chief.

Now, are you inviting me to catalog some mean Republican on-the-record comments, perhaps about a sitting president in a time of war? I'm game.

Danielk said...

For starters, from yesterday:


"On the House floor, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) introduced a new name for the acronym SCHIP — “Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents”

Why drag Hillary Clinton into this, and why illegals, who are not covered in the SCHIP legislation? To be mean, that's why.