Saturday, April 12, 2008

Learning the Lessons of the Cold War

Here's a scary thought.

I was having my usual argument about the efficacy of the war in Iraq. My opponent argued that being there somehow prevents attacks on our own soil. Even if that were true I said it's a 3 trillion dollar insurance policy against a couple million dollars damage.

But you know what? If you're a terrorist that's a great strategy! By funneling more and more of our assets into Iraq, we're devoting less to public services and infrastructure. You remember when we had fewer national guard troops and equipment for the aftermath of Katrina? That was the terrorists hitting a major American city. The weak economy? Terrorists striking a blow.

Sure it puts the terrorists all the way up into the coveted evil-genius Fu Manchu class, but they're not all stupid. In fact if they're not smart enough to see this plan themselves, they're hardly a threat. Even if we dismantle our own government without them being in on it the effect is the same.

We won the cold war without a middle missle being fired. It was enough to force the communists to spend more on missles than they could afford. Its possible that our enemies will accomplish the same spending pennies to our dollars.


skot said...

"We won the cold war without a middle being fired."

A middle what being fired? I hope it's "Middle Finger," 'cause I like the think the Cold war era was a more genteel place.

Danielk said...

Here's the thing about the iPod touch - it uses a virtual keyboard. So you're sitting in a Starbucks, typing with your thumbs, maybe wearing a pair of fingerless bicycle gloves, and you may make a mistake, and the touch will just correct it to the nearest most likely word! Which is great!

Most of the time.