Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's All Just A Little Bit Of History Repeating

Where are we going to get $900 billion dollars over the next two years to make up for those tax cuts we're in the process of extending? I say in the process because, let's face it, anything up for a vote nowadays is subject to someone in the house threatening to filibuster it. Most likely it still won't go through.

But if it does, no worries! Because Republicans are holding the the purse strings now! And who are they putting in charge of appropriations? This guy. He's nicknamed "The Pork King."

Rogers defends earmarks because he’s very good at getting them. Rogers received over $431 million in earmarks just in fiscal years 2008-10, and has steered billions of dollars to his rural Kentucky district over the course of his career, making him one of the most prolific earmarkers in Congress.
Hey it's no big deal. The Chinese will lend us the money. We're good for it man!


wamk said...

You think Barack Obama is going to snort some coke tonight? Because he used to do that, and since you are convinced people can't change, you know he's gonna do some lines. Right?

Danielk said...

I stand humiliated. The reason that's an especially valid analogy is that Hal Rogers hasn't gotten an earmark through committee since college.

For God's sake man, even Rand Paul is chuckling about the earmarks he's going to generate! And this is the guy the GOP is picking to put the brakes on him?

Wamk said...

How many earmarks has Rogers had the opportunity to pork up on since the Republicans have taken control of the House?

Oh, that's right, the Republicans haven't taken the gavel yet.

Is it possible that Rogers heard the message the voters sent in November, and will change his ways, in the same way that Obama changed his mind about cocaine and pot?

Perhaps we can at least wait until the new Congress begins, before making assumptions?

Danielk said...

If you like, my starry-eyed friend. If you like.