Monday, November 28, 2011

People In America Lean Center-Right; Corporations Are People

Polls are one thing, but here's America voting with its dollars. And money talks.

Democratic leaders raising money to be spent on the most competitive House races in next year’s elections are doing something remarkable: outraising their Republican counterparts, despite a historic drubbing a year ago that left Democrats in the minority.

House Democrats have raised $52.1 million to the Republicans’ $48.7 million. The difference is small, but it’s significant given that no minority party has been able to get such an edge in fundraising since the 1994 election cycle.

What makes the Democratic surge in fundraising so unusual is that political money tends to flow to those in power and those with momentum. In the fall of 2007, for example, a year after Republicans were kicked out of their 12-year reign in the majority, the NRCC had a negative cash balance and had raised just $40.7 million — a roughly 30 percent drop from two years earlier. Not even a year into their new power, the DCCC had pulled in nearly $57 million and had a cash balance over $27 million by the end of October 2007.
Republicans are courting the Corporation vote, and they're going to get it. The thing that they seem to keep forgetting is that it's only one vote, one person. And there are more real people than corporations. I mean, like a lot more. Seriously, look in your phone book some time. Even in the yellow pages, the corporations are outnumbered.

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