Friday, January 18, 2013

A Dog-Whistle For the Rest Of Us

You are probably familiar with the term "dog-whistle" in politics; it's a talking point that is meant to mean something different to your people than it does to the outsiders. For example when John Sununu calls President Obama "lazy" it doesn't literally mean that - like all presidents, Obama works 14 hours a day and will never rack up as many vacation hours as the previous guy. But the stereotype of African Americans is that they're lazy. It's a reminder that he's black.

Democrats have had a hard time finding our own dog whistle, perhaps because we seem to be acquiring the moderates as well. If most of the country is in on it, how can there even be insiders? But I think I've stumbled on to something. Last night I tweeted this:

piker62Who knew? "The Obama Administration’s number one priority is the destruction of US defensive capability"
1/17/13 6:06 PM

I was amused by the idea that a guy would get himself elected president just so he could destroy our nation's defense. I mean, really, come on. But a few minutes later, I got this:

MaryForbes14@piker62 Glenn Beck knew over four years ago. Few listened. They are now. @GlennBeck
1/17/13 6:15 PM 
This was even funnier to me, because someone thought I had taken the idea seriously.
@MaryForbes14 @glennbeck So he's not trying to instigate sharia law after all?
1/17/13 6:29 PM
MaryForbes14@piker62 @glennbeck It is all part of his agenda. You have to think bigger. He will make it happen fast. We have to be faster to stop him.
1/17/13 6:25 PM 
So far I've had three retweets of my mocking, all by real conservatives. One has even subscribed to me!

This is our dog whistle - just quote these guys straight, at their worst. Let's face it, one of the reason we won so big in the last election was because the candidates did their own talking. "Legitimate Rape" makes its own gravy. And the best part is, the'll be thrilled that we're doing it.

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