Monday, April 22, 2013

Benton County Republican Committee - There's a Democrat in It!

I'm taking a lot of heat for some tweets I put up last week the day after the gun background checks went down in flames. Most of it deserved, frankly. It was hypocritical of me to think this kind of speech is bad and then offer it up as a joke. It's also bad as a joke. My only defense is that I was leaning on my lack of influence to keep the thing from catching on, and that's a pretty dangerous bet to make. A bad idea often takes on a life of its own.

Anyway, one thing I can take comfort in is the blowback that "only Democrats are terrorists or assassins " I'm paraphrasing from this; if I'm wrong in that interpretation I expect a correction. Remember, just calling someone wrong isn't a correction!  Anyway I came across this today from The Benton County GOP newsletter.

We need to let those who will come in the future to represent us that we are serious. The 2nd amendment means nothing unless those in power believe you would have no problem simply walking up and shooting them if they got too far out of line and stopped responding as representatives. It seems that we are unable to muster that belief in any of our representatives on a state or federal level, but we have to have something, something costly, something that they will fear that we will use if they step out of line. If we can’t shoot them, we have to at least be firm in our threat to take immediate action against them politically, socially, and civically if they screw up on something this big. Personally, I think a gun is quicker and more merciful, but hey, we can’t. 
See? I think the only difference between Chris Nogy and me is his sincerity. We both said prominent people need to be shot, and we both also said they shouldn't be shot. I think Nogy means it though and is maybe a little wistful that we can't shoot our leaders. For the record, I think it would be both gravely wrong and a disaster if someone shot Wayne LaPierre. It would just energize his base.

Similarly, anybody who winks and brandishes his Tree of Liberty shirt should probably consider that we know what he's really saying, and denying it only makes him a coward.

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