Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pull Out! PULL OUT!

Anthony Weiner, Democrat, is running for Mayor of New York. You might not remember who is is... oh wait, he's THIS GUY.

The serious question he stirs up, and there is only one, is should we be judging our politicians by their sex lives? Or even their private lives in general - what their religions are, or whether they ever shoplifted or toked up in college, etc.? I'm of the camp that says no, politicians should be judged by whether they use the office make the lives of their constituents better. We should vote accordingly.

However, Weiner needs to drop out of the race, because we DON'T VOTE THAT WAY. Anybody in politics nowadays knows that your personal life is, in fact, fodder for a fine-tooth-comb go-over. If you have something this distasteful in your personal make-up, turning a blind eye to it is like thinking you can be a piano virtuoso even though you lost both your arms in the war. It suggests a detachment from reality that must be bleeding over into your policy decisions. Maybe the private sector has a job for Weiner, but I sure wish he'd withdraw his application for Mayor.

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