Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Quick Note To Anonymous

"wow, you're a douchebag. i read a few of your blogs and realized you're an idiot. nice pic fag, take the dildo out of your ass... oh, really cool gel job on the 'do! I think even Ryan Seacrest would laugh his ass off at you. "Keepin' It Real, Yo" holy shit you're a desperate piece of crap aren't you? I still can't stop laughing at your picture... classic"

Yeah, I'm mighty desperate.

So look, "anonymous," my guess is you aren't enraged by my picture as much as you are by my opinions. I could be wrong... even I'm a little uneasy about the hairstyle. But look, why not comment about the opinions. What is it that bothers you? Do you think that all the Muslims want to kill us? Are you mad that I said nasty things about Tom Cruise? (*gasp* OMG, you're not in love with Tom Cruise! Dude, I'm so sorry!) Do you think I sunk the comfirmation of John Bolton? What is it?

Your opinions are valid, and to hide behind both anonymity AND posting to an unrelated topic does you a disservice. Show a little backbone, dude! You're making everyone who thinks like you (however that is) look weak.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's fucked up, dude.

What do you think: did you pick up a nemesis? Last guy on earth I thought that would happen to.

Or is it one ofd ubiquitous snot-nosed 13-year-olds out there, the kind that ruined the boards on

OMG. Maybe.. it's me. I'm emailing you in my sleep, and my unrestrained id is seeking vengeance for all those times you told me to clean the auditorium at the Rio.


Danielk said...

I knew it was your subconsious! Bastard!

Funny you should mention the Rio... I saw SUDDEN IMPACT a couple of nights ago and noticed Bill's fleeting cameo. I mentioned it to him and he pointed out that the Rio had the highest per-screen that opening weekend in the whole country. Wierd.

And also funny you should write because there was mention made of Rolf Harris on Le Show this weekend, and you resemble Mr. Harris more than any other living being.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Didn't know that about SUDDEN IMPACT. I'd say, "but boy, I felt it," but it was just very exciting working at the Rio when it opened, never mind wading in the malodorous sludge of eight hundred spilled sodas and popcorn. Five times a day. Twice on weekdays.

Same goes with THE LOST BOYS. That one had vampires in it.