Wednesday, November 14, 2007

However, I Am Not Gay

Sometimes you do stuff without realizing it. Only after a while do the patterns emerge. Let me explain.

When I moved out for my separation in August, I made a point of getting a set of dishes. A single matched set, and I thought the set might as well look good, so I went for a deep red theme.

So last week I was attempting to use my microwave/toaster combo (one unit! Kenmore! Pretty good idea for tight spaces) for a kitchen timer and I accidentally set it to cook instead of time. It cooked itself for 8 minutes, which was sufficient to destroy the electronics. The toaster still worked, but I thought I'd replace both. Instead of the cheerless white color I'd gone with originally, I opted for the striking red as depicted below. Note the enclosed cookbook under the left foot - my counter is a little skewed.

Well, this afternoon I stopped by Best Buy. I have this $50 dollar gift certificate, an award for good administrative assistance at my job, and I've been needing a new vacuum cleaner. Guess what I got?

I swear I wasn't planning on matching anything; I just liked the price and feature set. My point is, when will this stop? Is a cherry red comforter next? A sub-rosa leather couch? Will I move to the red-light district when my lease runs out?


WAMK said...

Piker subconciously choosing red?

Perhaps he'll vote that way as well?

Thanks for doing your part to turn Cali red!

Danielk said...

Hmmmm, red...

The workers control the means of production! Religion is the opiate of the people! Thanks for settin' me down the right path, comrade.

Matthew said...

finally, some housewares to match your rosy cheeks!

Anonymous said...

you have gone nuts nest building - stop yourself please, I cannot handle the theme - the dishes yes, but then what a microwave and toaster and now a vacumn cleaner??????? all matching?????? wtf????????

Danielk said...

I HAVE stopped. Or rather I'm really close to stopping. I've got my eye on a gorgeous fire-engine red coffee table. Oh, and I wanna get a new refrigerator. I haven't picked a color yet.