Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Right is Never Wrong (Especially When They Are Wrong)

I have long marveled at the ability of Republicans to "stay the course." They out stake a piece of ideological territory and never, ever give it up. In a lot of ways it's their strength because it makes them appear solid and reliable. However, it also frequently backfires on them because in real life people change their positions in the face of new data.

You might think I'm talking about the latest N.I.E. concerning Iran's nuclear program, but the President is only now starting to dig in his heels on that one and insist that they have one anyway. That issue just isn't ripe for pickin' yet. Instead, I'm going to give the example of a l'il comment war over at WAMK.

The esteemed Madeline's Dad wrote a post called WORDS MATTER. If I'm not mistaken, the point was that Democrats are too quick to label some of the excesses of our country in this time of war as, well, as he put it:
Senators and Congressmen using the words "torture" and "atrocities" to describe events that are unseemly, but hardly worthy of their definitions.
Fair enough, a matter of opinion. Or rather it would be, if it wasn't for that "Senators and Congresmen" passage. Something about it bothered me, and I asked for an example of a Senator or Congressman actually using the word "atrocity" to describe events. MD was kind enough to provide links to an editorial by ABC News, another one by the Washington Post, then CNN and then the Independent in the UK. No Senators, no Congressmen. He also posted a YouTube clib of Sen. Durbin in which he used neither word, but condemned our practices using less inflammatory language.

In the next 15 responses, I asked repeatedly for some proof that one of our elected officials had used "atrocity." Responses included:

I guess the search engines at Puffington Host don't cover traitorous statements made by US Congressmen.

Ted Kennedy never clamied that Saddam's torture chambers had "reopened under US management".

jOn caRrEy never acused US troops of "terrorizing innocent Iraqi families" during the night. Or that that's something the Iraqi military should be doing themselves instead.

Barack Obama never said that the US is carpet bombing Iraqi cities.

John Murtha would certainly not say that US Marines had murdered innocent Iraqi's "in cold blood".

(Preceeding courtesy of Ameridann, who missed his chance to call Barack Obama "Osama". You're slipping, Ameridann!) These are all legitimate quotes (probably) and also, they are all attempts to avoid saying "no, I can't prove that a Senator or Congressman used the word 'atrocity.'" Mad's Dad insists that he has heard it said, even though he can't find proof.

What fascinates me is, even if they think they have a legitimate larger point, they refuse to give up ground on the parts that don't matter. It makes Republicans less like statesmen and more like bulldogs, I think. I love bulldogs, but I don't consider them electible. They're ***king dogs.

Then again, when Mitt Romney revises his opinions based on the facts, I find him untrustworthy. Double-edged sword, the nuance thing.

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AmeriDan said...

Goalpost... Moved

Hello Moonbats! WingNut AmeriDan(n) here to wade in your liberal swamp for a while.

First off- your hostest with the mostest, Piker- must be having a problem with his cut and paste.

He left this part out of my comment quoted above... "Oh, and Ted Kennedy never murdered a woman." I bring this up all of the time, yet he always fails to defend this charge against your Party's "Lion".

But enough about Kennedy as a murderer, let's focus on him as a traitor. You know, someone who gives aid and comfort to our enemy; or as you may know it, the Democratic Party agenda.

Here are a few quotes for context:

The post was about the words "torture" and "atrocity". I am guessing you genuinely believe that you've just proved members of Congress and the Senate have used those particular words. More power to ya." -Piker

"But I don't want you guys believing Senators and Congressmen are using that language."- Piker

"But again, if the blog post is titled "words matter" then you damn well better be precise about the words".- Piker

Notice how we were talking about... WORDS... yet this post has become about a WORD? I give a clear cut excample of United States Senator Ted Kennedy accussing the United States of America of engaging in offically sanctioned "torture".

And the WORD "torture" simple melts away.

Now we are only talking about "atrocities".

Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself at WANK (link in blogroll). Keep your tinfoil hat on though, I hear that Madelines Dad is a Haliburton backed blogger.

That being said, I have a lot of respect for Piker as a person, yet none for his politics.
He's a good person, and if you moonbats are gonna drink the Kool-Aid anyway... you might as well drink it here.

Best regards, AmeriDan