Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Hate You, I Hate You, I Hate You, Get Well Soon

I have to admit this - the right is a lot better about being nice when their opponents are stricken with illness. I see this point made again and again - Tony Snow gets brain cancer, the commenters at Huffpo are divided 50/50 between "I hope he gets better" and "I hope he rots in hell." Ted Kennedy gets a brain tumor and the LGF commenters are almost all "I hope he gets better. I disagree with his politics, but my prayers are with him."

I've been skimming around looking for vile Ted Kennedy comments and I've only found two - one guy buried deep in the LGF comments said "Too bad, I was betting on the liver." Insensitive but a funny line. The other was nationally syndicated columnist Michael Savage. But hey, he makes his bones offending people - he may not even MEAN it.

The positive spin for the left (and it's an awfully weak spin) is this - at least we're consistant? I mean, one thing I read today from commenter AMERIDANN on Where Are My Keys said "I have called him not only a traitor, but a murderer. I stand by those comments. (But) my prayers and my wishes go out to Senator Kennedy and his family." And this seems to be a common attitude on the right. Before this week, you didn't see an awful lot of "Senator Kennedy's policies are wrong, but I respect him as a legislator." How am I supposed to reconcile this U-Turn?

For the record, people who pilloried Tony Snow when he was well and then ridiculed him when he was sick are the worst kind of Neanderthals. Like most people, Snow is a decent guy with a difficult job who believes in what he did. It's cool to disagree with his beliefs but stupid to hate him for them. Hate, as a rule, is stupid. Try to avoid it when you can.

And for the record, good luck and best wishes to Senator Kennedy. May he get better and legislate happily for another fifty years.


Great White Knight said...

Out of curiousity, Piker, how come you 1st commented on TK's condition over at WAMK almost 24 hours prior to your post here at KIR,Y?

I can certainly understand your not wanting to get all soft and everything in front of us Righties, and all, but certainly, you would want to show human compassion for TK to your Leftie followers, no?

Why the huge time difference?

Wouldn't you have posted your concerns, well wishes and "prayers" (I know, atheists don't really pray - I used to be one) for the Kennedy family here first, before commenting at WAMK a whole day before?

And this word verification thingy on your post site is really not neccessary.

Great White Knight said...

And isn't KIR'Y just a litte too close to Kerry???


Danielk said...

That's a legitimate question, and I'm going to blog about it later this week. As for the word verification thingy, I have other blogs without it and believe me, you get a lot of Russian spam even with the filter going full blast.

Oh and KIR,Y - that's exactly what I had in mind this whole time! I'm surprised no one has picked up on that!