Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where Are Your Good Wishes, Leftie?

"Great White Knight", erstwhile commenter, wondered yesterday why it took me so long to wish Ted Kennedy a speedy recovery. I suspect there's more behind the question than simple curiousity; though the full point hasn't been revealed yet, it probably has something to do with the left having no compassion.

Well, best to just be honest then and let you make of it what you will.

Ted Kennedy, like all public figures, is a kind of abstraction to me. I don't think of him as a real flesh-and-blood person. He's a character in the vast soap opera which is political news. Intellectually I know he really exists of course. I don't imagine GWK is in a different situation either. His expression of good wishes probably had as much to do with demonstrating his compassion as it did with actual compassion. Maybe I'm wrong and GWK is emotionally invested in Ted Kennedy; in which case you have my sincere apologies sir.

Assuming I'm right though, the compulsion to publicly wish well to a public figure is something I didn't feel here. I don't feel I have to prove that I support the people that you already know I agree with. It's useless information to you. You should take it for granted. In fact, I'd regard these kinds of statements, to a degree, as grandstanding.

Of course, there is also the other side of the coin - what good does it do Ted Kennedy? Is he going to spend the coming months reading blogs to see who was nice to him? I hope not. I hope a guy in that position has better things to do. That's the kind of behavior Nixon would have engaged in, looking for the absense of comment and devising ways to get back at me.

That's it, GWK. What do you think?

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GWK said...

What do I think about your respnse? Well, all I read was blah, blah. Sorry, Piker. Kinda lame excuses, frankly.

Prayer does work, and the more people praying for someone, the better. I can speak from personal experience. I am Graced by God to be alive today.

There are MANY people I have never met whom I've prayed for. Including you!

My prayer for you is that your heart will be opened just a crack to let the Word of the Lord and Jesus Christ into it, before you die.

It's tough to keep up the cynical front 24/7. I know - I've been there. Jesus loves you. You just have to let Him in to feel it.

I'll keep praying for you, Piker, and TK, and others. Pray without ceasing (a verse from The Bible). It sure can't hurt.

And I have NEVER had anyone tell me they don't want me to pray for them - even non-believers. Everyone will let someone pray for them, regardless if they believe, or not.

That's it, Piker. What do you think?

Oh, and re the verification response, really, WAMK has many more readers, and I don't think any folks are abusing his site since there is no word verification associated with it...but you can ask him on that..