Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Remember Me?

Yeah, I've been scarce lately. I think I'm losing interest in politics. Politics is in a holding pattern right now. The best you can say about it is there is movement but it's straight toward the floor on both sides. Approval of Democrats is falling, approval of Republicans is too. But no one is winning anything. This depresses me.

On the plus side, the US is suddenly the most admired country in the world. So we got that goin' for us, which is nice.

It climbed from seventh place last year, ahead of France, Germany, the United
Kingdom and Japan which completed the top five nations in the Nation Brand Index
(NBI). "What's really remarkable is that in all my years studying national
reputation, I have never seen any country experience such a dramatic change in
its standing as we see for the United States for 2009," said Simon Anholt, the
founder of NBI, which measured the global image of 50 countries each year.

And look, they're still publishing Ziggy!


Anyway, the showbiz blog takes precedence now so until something interesting happens, specifically a prominent Republican agreeing with something, ANYTHING that Obama does, you'll be seeing this less and less. I hate static.

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