Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoulda Seen This Coming, Rush To Judgement Edition

LIMBAUGH: They [Democrats] have to have a villain to advance everything, because they cannot sell their ideas. They had to demonize me with false, fake, made up quotes. To protect their precious little — National Football League as an outpost of racism and liberalism, which is what it is.

Yes.... football has a liberal bias! Why didn't I see it before! And who is in the NFL? Millionaires! Millionaires hate conservatives MONEY HAS A LIBERAL BIAS!

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Publius said...

Don't know if football has a leftist bias (I do know that they don't have any Asians of Mexicans in it, so it's obviously racist) but I DO know one thing... it's stupid. I hate sports and love to see this faux controversy giving it a black eye. I heard a bunch of people dropping their football viewing because of this. The more people that we can convince to ignore the so-called professional sports the better.