Friday, November 19, 2010

How's That Generic Republican Doing, Anyway?

The chart above is the result of a little number-crunching that Nate Silver did, inspired by a Quinnipiac poll that suggested that Nancy Pelosi is the least-liked politician going right now. And indeed, the other polls he surveyed bears that conclusion out.

But look at the rest of that! Man-without-a-pulse Dick Cheney only slightly higher up! He saved the free world, you know. Your next president, Sarah Palin, has lower numbers than Newt Gingrich AND George  W. Bush. Logically the candidate in 2012 should be Mike Huckabee. D'ya suppose the base will let THAT happen? Anyway, look at that gap in the middle - that's the people who doen't have much of an opinion one way or t'other. They decided that John McCain would be a better choice a couple of years ago.

Oh, and there are the most popular politicians on the list... why it's Bill and Hillary Clinton! I think somebody at Fox news took their eye off the ball! Without a steady stream of lies and opinion-masquerading-as-news, people forget what they are supposed to think. Somebody get on that, will ya?

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