Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Walk, Walked

Though I disagree with his position, at least I know that he doesn't disagree with it too:

This morning, a caller to C-SPAN’s Washington Journal asked Rep.-elect Mike Kelly (R-PA) — who “strongly opposes” the health care law — if he would be willing to give up his government-sponsored health insurance. Kelly said that he would:

KELLY: ...I personally have always paid for my own health care… why should my pension as a public official be any different from anyone else’s pension? Why should my health care, as a public official, be any different than anybody else’s? No, level across the board. [...]

Q: So will you have a Congressional plan?

KELLY: No, I do not need. I got my own plan, I don’t need a congressional plan. I’ve taken care of myself for a long time.
I'd like to see other Government Health Care opponents refuse their government health care too. It's not like these guys can't afford to pay full price for medical insurance. I can't, God knows, but they make a lot more than I do.

While we're at it, maybe the new speaker of the house should not try to kill the Office of Congressional Ethics. I mean, how are they going to stop people like Charlie Rangel without it?

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