Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun FoxNews Headlines this Afternoon

Trump on 2012: 'I Think I've Made the Decision'

"I'm absolutely certain I'm committed to thinking about considering running for President. Possibly as an independent."
If We’re Eight Days Away From the Start of a Global Depression, Why is Obama Kicking it in Cali?

"Whassup dog? Yo, you illin? Put down that Malt Liquor and get to work! What's wrong with you people?"
Could Black Trees Blossom on a World With Two Suns?

This, incredibly, is listed under the "most read" tab. Are you buying that? It's illustrated with a still from Star Wars, which is a Fox film. I sense manipulation.
Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Bill to Require Presidential Candidates to Prove Citizenship

Attention Warner Todd Huston - they didn't label her party! In the next few days, watch the netowrk for her to be mislabeled in the captions as a Democrat.

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