Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Boy Can Dream

Donald Trump, no longer satisfied with just a birth certificate, now insists that Obama was a terrible magna cum laude.

"I'd like to know how does he get into Harvard, how does he get into Columbia if he isn't a very good student," Donald Trump told the press this morning in New Hampshire.

"If he wants to release it that's fine, if he doesn't want to release it that's fine too. But the word is he wasn't a very good student," Trump added.
Meanwhile, George Stephanopolis follows up on Trump's pledge to release his tax returns when Obama shows the Birth Certificate:
My colleague Michael Falcone caught up with Trump in New Hampshire and asked him if he would follow through and release his tax returns.

“That’s something I would be thinking about doing anyway. That is certainly something I’d be thinking about doing anyway. But before I do anything I have to make the decision in June and the first thing I’m going to be releasing will be financials,” Trump said.

Falcone asked again, will you fulfill that pledge that you made where you said I’m going to tie the birth certificate to my tax records?

“Yeah, at the appropriate time,” Trump responded.

“So you’ll do it?”

“Yeah, at the appropriate time I’m going to do it,” Trump told him.
Here's my fantasy response from the president:

College records? It's your turn to dance, monkeyboy. Let's see the financials. 

Sure it would be perpetuating a non-issue, but at this point it's all about entertainment anyway.

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