Monday, May 02, 2011

Again With The Timing

So over the weekend, American forces located and killed Osama Bin Ladin in Pakistan. I mention this to readers of WorldNet Daily, who seem to have other fish to fry.

Whatevs! If Bush didn't spend that much time on him, neither will they!

But anyway, I want to give cynical props to the President for the timing of his announcement.  When did he officially tell the world that Obama Osama* was outta here? Sunday night, 10:45pm EST. Which happened to be exactly the final 15 minutes of what? Celebrity Apprentice. Which is fair, because the whole Trump candidacy is about goosing up ratings for that misbegotten show.

And this came at a cost too, because announcing the death takes all the oxygen out of the news cycle that would have gone to his performance at the White House Correspondant's dinner, where he did a pretty good job of eviscerating Trump. I guess Obama was simply in a position to choose .

*Thanks to WAMK for pointing out my error. While I'm at it, a mea culpa for my tweet about FoxNews misspelling Osama Bin Ladin's name - the picture is from a local Fox affiliate, not FoxNews national. I just found out this morning, and WAMK hasn't found out yet because nothing he reads has even mentioned the error. I learned the about the mistake from Stephanie Miller. 

**Update - I'm gratified to learn that WAMK is reading this stuff and not just sending his brother over for recon and specious claims about the founding fathers' abortion policy.

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