Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michele Bachmann Wants to Buy Out Obama's Option, Apparently

The facts are startling. Almost 14 million Americans are unemployed. Oil prices are at an all-time high. Obamacare is bringing socialism to our doorstep, and the national debt is over $14.3 trillion. Yet, our President is too busy gallivanting around Europe with his Irish cousins, to focus on rebuilding our economy and strengthening our nation.

...Watch my video now and join my money bomb to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term President. I need your help right now to show Barack Obama that he is no match for our conservative base. We've set a goal to raise $240,000 in 24 hours, but we can only do this if you act now.

...My family and I are prayerfully considering what the next 18 months or so may bring. We've seen incredible support pouring in; the Team Bachmann momentum is building and very encouraging as we look to our next steps. With your generous support right now, we can continue this momentum and connect with conservatives nationwide.
-- Michele Bachman, via email

Here's how I thought it works - you run ANOTHER CANDIDATE to oppose the incumbent, and give the money to that person so they can do a campaign of some kind. Apparently the other candidate isn't necessary at all! I think The idea here is you raise enough money in a short period of time and it will scare the president off. Then, presumably, no president! That'll save our taxpayers some money!

Don't laugh. Bachman prayerfully considered this scheme for a while and it's rock solid.

She links to a video in the email, which is as follows. If I'm not mistaken, it's a rare instance of a politician taking herself out of context!

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