Monday, May 02, 2011

A Little Conspiracy Mongering

The one item today on World Net Daily that DOES mention Bin Ladin is an exclusive interview with Abu Saqer of Jihadiya Salafiya, an Al-Qaida leader. What I'm wondering is how come World Net has exclusive access to this Al-Qaida leader? What did they have to trade with him to get this access?

Since there are much more widely-read news sources in the west, World Net Daily must have been especially accommodating to Al-Qaida in order to get this article. I mean, in a giving-aid-and-comfort-to-the-enemy kind of way. It's one thing to report on what a source says, but to cultivate an exclusive, well, I'm just saying that given how WND and Al-Qaida are both so much against the President of the United States it's a little suspicious.

If they loved America, it would be called AMERICANet Daily, wouldn't it?

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