Thursday, May 26, 2011

The National Review Online Is Furious

NRO would like you to know that they are furious that California hasn't spent more taxpayer money to buy private property on which they could erect public buildings to be staffed with union guards, filled with prisoners whose upkeep costs around $100,000 a year.


Mike Jimenez, CCPOA President said...

Once again, speaking out of your ass.

You do realize that the CCPOA lobbies for longer prison terms, stiffer drug laws, and was a big reason the "three strikes" rule went into effect, right?

In other words, the reason there is overcrowding in the prisons to begin with? The CCPOA Union.

Your chickens have come home to roost in California. Not to worry, though. I'm sure none of those early release felons will cause any trouble. After all, we can look to the Gitmo detainees that got out of the pokey early, to see what happens down the road. said...

Psst.. Not for nothing, but the most current data says it costs about $49,000 per inmate, per year. Not nearly as impressive as your $100k amount, but sometimes the facts just don't want to stick to made-up talking points.

Corrections Corp of America said...

Hey, don't we operate some prisons in California? Last time I checked, we were also a for-profit company, trading on the NYSE. We house felons, on our property, with no Union workers.

Doesn't quite jibe with what you are snarking about, does it?

Pesky facts.

Danielk said...

So Mike, your saying that Unions have lobbied to keep prisoners in jail longer and for stiffer drug laws. Which you're against?

And my website friend, you consider it a bargain that we're spending almost $50,000 a year to keep these people, but since it isn't 100k it's like, you know, nothing.

And Corrections Corp, you're saying you run most of the prisons, so there really isn't a Union presence.

Why don't you guys get together and hash out an argument, then come back?