Friday, May 11, 2012

This Tweet Is Hilarious If You Don't Understand Evolution

Otherwise it's a little bewildering. And it's been retweeted 10 times, so a lot of people buy this premise. But what is the premise?

A. This week Obama declared that marriage should only be between 2 men.
B. Homosexuals are no different than chimps or trucks.
C. Evolution teaches us that trucks were created by God.
D. Once Obama takes away our Bibles and guns, he will force chimps to marry trucks.
E. The government should tell people who they can marry, but needs to stop declaring who can marry because the government is bad at it.
F. When you get right down to it, we all secretly want to marry a chimp or a truck.

See, I don't really buy any of those premises. What else could the tweet be riffing off of? I'm stumped.

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Skot C. said...

You forgot the premise, that evolution is "supposed 2 b random." (buzzer!) Maybe the originator wrote the tweet with the extra arm growing out of his forehead.