Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss Me Yet Yet?

Hey, look what just turned up via the Tea Party on Facebook!

When I left office, unemployment was 4.7%, gas cost $2.26 a gallon and 17 million Americans were on food stamps. Almost 4 years later under Obama, unemployment is at a record 8.3%, gas costs $4.00 a gallon and 43 million Americans are on food stamps. Click "LIKE" and "SHARE" if you miss me yet?

This is what fascinates me about the Right. First of all how can the Tea Party have their own page? They're not a party, they're a movement. Second, I'm certain the phrase "when I left office" refers to January 20th, 2009. Unemployment was 7.8 and climbing to 8.3. Gas was even lower than it says, at $1.84. Probably because people were taking their money out of oil stocks. And that month, 32 million Americans were on food stamps. So I think what they're getting at is Bush retroactively left office in August 2008. 

And yet, when I point this out to anyone on the right they're going to insult me, insist I need to learn to read, and intimate that I'm a Muslim.

I'll admit I do miss him. Why, oh why, isn't he going to be speaking at the RNC convention? And Palin too! I miss them both! 

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