Thursday, November 08, 2012

Treading On Them

A couple of days ago, the right managed to lose the presidency AND a couple of seats in the senate, which is a big deal considering how bad the economy is. As the dust clears, it's human nature to tweak the formula and figure out how to do better next time.

Well the bigger you think the problem is, the bigger your solution. The folks (and they are Folks over there) at Tea Party Nation thinks the election was A Disaster Of Unimaginable Magnitude. Therefore, the solution must be correspondingly severe.

There are some lessons to be learned from this disaster. The first lesson is, no more moderate Republican candidates. Mitt Romney now joins the long list of moderate Republicans who line up right next to General George Custer. Romney lost. McCain lost, George W. Bush barely won and set the stage for Obama. Bob Dole lost. The only reason George H.W. Bush won a single term was because he was Ronald Reagan’s Vice President. When he ran on his own as a moderate, he gave us Bill Clinton.
We conservatives have to say this time; we will not support a moderate again. Our desire to remove Barack Obama and the Party of Treason was so strong that we jumped on board the Romney train. The Republican establishment correctly assumed that if it could get Romney nominated, we would have no choice but to fall in line.
It happened this time. It will not happen again.
Our message to the Republicans should be very clear. If you nominate a moderate in 2016, you will be on your own as conservatives will leave the party, assuming we are there in the party in 2015.

I'm with them on this, and I'll add that it's inevitable. The Tea Party and Republicans were never the same thing, and trying to make them the same is doing neither any favors.  Sure it will split the vote, but the vote is already split. Better to make it official. Better to make it honest.
We have two choices. We can surrender and allow the Party of Treason to continue to destroy liberty in this nation or we can stand and fight

I will only speak for myself. I was born a free American and I shall stay a free American. I will not let this land go into the dark night of tyranny. I will not stand by and watch the lamp of liberty be extinguished.
As far as TPN is concerned, Republicans are the Party of Treason. Democrats, presumably, are the Great Satan. Let them go!

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