Sunday, November 02, 2008

Election Fatigue

This week's episode of Dark Meat: Music for Depressives may be just what the doctor ordered to cool you down after the presidential race, now entering its 1003rd day. 

Download it here!


Publius said...

A funeral dirge for the country is a better fit. We are about to elect the single most anti-American president ever.

gwk said...

Here, Here, publius!

May God save our Country.

Danielk said...

I'm guessin' this is going to be a short honeymoon period.

Publius said...


I would think that it will last about 12 seconds. No president will fall so far, so fast. The expectations for this perceived god-like being is so high that no real human could ever live up to it.

One thing is sure. This man will damage the relations between the races in the US more than any single man ever could.

gwk said...

In addition, BO's camp is already lowering the minion's expectations once he takes office.

BO is now saying don't expect too much in his 1st 100 days, in re to many of the issues he's made promises for.

He says that we can begin to see change around day 1000! Not day 100.

Danielk said...

You guys don't WANT change! You should be the only ones who like him for the first 1000 days.

You know, all that "anti-American" talk (it really means "not Republican") is what got Mee-Shell Bartman in so much trouble. And I'll tell you why - since the majority of Americans support Obama, it literally means you're opposed to most of the country. Which makes you the ones who hate America.

gwk said...

No, it means that most people shouldn't be allowed to vote, Piker, until they have a btter grasp of the issues at hand.

When you ask someone why they're voting for BO, and they answer (as most do) along the lines of "He just inspires me", and that's the only thing they can come up with, that person has NO business voting.

Or, when Stern sent a reporter out to question BO supporters (linked a couple weeks ago on WAMK) about their reasons for supporting BO, but the reporter used McCain's stance on the issues, instead of BO's, the idiots STILL said they're voting for BO, even tho they had NO CLUE they had just answered and agreed with McCain's policies. They should NOT be voting.

So when you get all of those hundereds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people OUT of the voting process, until they have shown they know how many states there are in the US, I truly think it is you which are in the minority.

If you defend these people who have no business voting, due to their lack of knowledge on basic issues, then I really don't know what you're "Keepin' Real".

What's your response to these 2 small business owners' response to BO's tax plans?

Obama vs. jobs

By Ralph R. Reiland
Monday, November 3, 2008

I interviewed two plumbing company owners over the weekend about Barack Obama's economic proposals for small business.

One has 15 employees and 12 trucks. The other has 52 employees and 34 trucks. They're Joe the Plumber, writ large.

Both owners had the same reaction to Obama's proposed new taxes and mandates. To not have their bottom lines reduced by government fiat, both said they'd be forced to lay off employees.

Specifically, here's what the owner of the larger firm said regarding six of Obama's key proposals for the small-business sector: The average wage at his company, figuring the 52 paychecks of his office staff, installers and service workers, is $31,200, $15 an hour.

First, "Barack Obama and Joe Biden will require that employers provide seven paid sick days per year," states the Obama campaign's Web site. "I give three paid sick days," explained the business owner. His extra cost for this one new regulation would be $24,960 (4 extra days, 52 employees, at an average of $120 per day). "That's one of the women in the office," he said. "I can make up that cost by letting one of the office people go."

Second, Obama states that employers will be required to pay 100 percent of the cost of health insurance premiums for 100 percent of their employees or face a tax penalty. "I pay 75 percent of their coverage," explained the owner. "The family policy is about $11,000. For single guys, it's about $5,000." At an average annual cost of $7,000 per policy, his additional cost for 52 employees to cover the 25 percent of the premiums that he currently doesn't pay is $91,000. "That's the price of three installers," he said. "Just to stay even with where I am, I'd have to fire three more people or raise some prices and fire two."

The result is more unemployment or more inflation, or both.

Third, with the estate tax, Obama is calling for a top tax rate of 45 percent on estates valued above $3.5 million, producing an estimated "death tax" of $675,000 on an estate of $5 million. "You're kidding," he said. "They took half my income on the way up and now they want another half when I die?" He estimated that his business is already valued at more than $3 million, in addition to the value of his home and investments. "Why," he asked, "would I want to grow to 100 employees? What'll stop them from changing it to 75 percent?"

The cost in jobs that will never be created in the U.S. economy because of this single disincentive to growth? Incalculable.

Fourth, Obama's economic plan calls for a hike in the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour within three years. The business owner's reaction? "That's bad for two reasons. I don't have anyone at minimum, but raise the bottom by $3 and a guy making $15 wants $18. Plus it's bad for productivity when people think their pay raises are coming from government instead of from their own individual effort."

Fifth, saying he'll "play offense for organized labor," Obama is proposing that workers should be denied the right to a private ballot at work in deciding whether to unionize. "That'll never be," said the plumbing entrepreneur. "I'm in business because I'm independent, not to take orders from a grievance chairman. I'd shut down."

Sixth, the increase in taxes on this small business owner from Obama's proposed hike in the income tax rate from 36% to 39.8% on incomes above $200,000 and the proposed increase in Social Security taxes comes to $32,000 per year. "That's another employee," he said, referring to the termination of another installer in order to just stay even.

And the jobless plumbers? They can be re-socialized to work for ACORN.

As Obama explained in July: "We cannot continue to rely on our military to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

As "well funded" as our Armed Forces personnel comes to $119 billion per year in paychecks for "community activism," a lot of money for registering dead voters, caulking windows, making sure that all the guns are locked up at the municipal buildings, and monitoring the airways to make sure that conservatives don't have too many talk shows.

Bottom line, Obama's economic plan doesn't hold water. Neither will our pipes.

Ralph R. Reiland is an associate professor of economics at Robert Morris University and a local restaurateur. He can be reached at

gwk said...

Makes me the one who hates America.

As my business, I serve Veteran's who served our Country in declared States of War.

Personally, I walk uo to, and look in the eye as I shake their hands, EVERY uniformed service person I run into.

Personally, I hold the American Flag over a bridge every anniversary of 9/11, and Memorial Day.

Whay do you do, Piker, that makes you so Pro-American?

You spouse and vote for the most ANTI-American president we'll ever have. And when he runs this country into the ground, even with a Super Majority Democratic Congress, you'll still not be able to say "I'm wrong."

Danielk said...

Wow, this is the most uncontroversial posting I've ever put up, and look at the responses! Tabula Rasa, baby.

Well, you gotta vote for someone GWK, and McCain has reversed every position he's ever held during this cycle, frequently in mid-sentence.

As to your other points, I'm currently single:(un-spoused nowadays, and a lot happier) and I'm almost certain I've owned up to being wrong more often than you. You may interpret that as proof that you're never wrong.

You're the Republican far right base. By definition that means you hold opinions that aren't shared by the majority of Americans. Code Pink and Kos readers inhabit a similar sized-bloc. There's nothing wrong with you having those opinions, and there's even nothing wrong with thinking that the other 75% are wrong. But you have to drop the idea that those 75% are ANTI-AMERICAN because they think differently than you. All it does is marginalize you further.

Publius said...

First of all we need to dispense with the "most of America" business. #1 half of America doesn't even VOTE. #2 there is no way most of the country is Democrat OR Republican.

But I do not view rank and file Democrats as anti-American, anyway. A large number of Democrat voters vote D out of tradition, not truly out of ideology. Few Democrat votes have the slightest clue how anti-American their party leaders and philosophy even are.

So, they aren't anti-American. They ARE uninformed, however. Further, they don't want to BE un-American. They feel they are patriotic and only want what's best for the US. The problem is they aren't informed enough to KNOW what is best for the USA.

But GWK is 100% correct that the largest number of Obama's voters have NO clue what he stands for,what he's done, what he's said, what he wants to do.And further they just don't care.