Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Discussion Question

A recent discussion on O'Reilly:

O’REILLY: So 48 years ago — 48 years ago in this country we could make fun of Arabs. … We could make fun of people in a general way, and certainly, Ahab was the Arab was a general parody. But now, we can’t. What has changed in America?

(RAY) STEVENS: I think we’ve gone overboard with the political correctness just like so many other people think the same way about that. And I don’t know. We’ve got to come out of that, I think.
So my question is, why do the teabaggers think this is an important issue? Do the wingnuts want to make more fun of Arabs?


Microsoft Outlook Calendar said...

Has it been a month already?

Danielk said...

No Clippy, the business software server is down and I'm killing time until it goes back up.

Publius said...

We DON'T want to make fun of JUST the Arabs!

Danielk said...

Damn you, never taking the bait.

Publius said...