Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Picked A Good Month To Avoid Writing About Politics

Let's see - probable failure of health care reform. Air America declares bankruptcy, leaving AM radio almost exclusively ultra-far-right. Supreme Court reverses long-held desicions, decides to let corporations muscle in on politics after all.

I'm going to do the liberal thing and admit defeat. You tea party gentlemen win! We will no longer publicly disagree with you, because we know that makes you angry. I look forward to being forced to join your party, and will relish being thrown out of it a couple of days later.

Just kidding. I love you guys. You're the only true Americans. Let me know if you need any help kicking out the darkies!

(BTW, re that Supreme Court decision: who is going to protect us from George Soros now?)


Publius said...

LOL, I was noticing that, too. You decide to take time off and the lib's world collapses. Me, I blame you for not being around to warn us all of our folly!

But, I'd say that maybe we can finally see a few corporation's matching the commies in the Unions for the political money THEY spend on a daily basis!

This SCOTUS decision will barely make up for the damage that unions do with their billions in spending for Euro-commie Democrats.

Danielk said...

That's an interesting premise - that the corporations have been dwarfed in spending by the unions up until now. Well this won't help. Restrictions have been lifted from both.