Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Politics Is In a Holding Pattern

I don't know if I'm just getting tired of repeating my own points or if there is truely nothing happening lately, but I'm casting around for topics this week and nothin' comes. The only thing that outrages me is protests that Obama has raised taxes (he hasn't) and that he's taking away people's guns (he actually loostened gun laws). Pointing out to these guys that they're protesting nothing hasn't stopped them.

Look, I'm not saying the left didn't have knee-jerk reactions to Bush's policies. It's just that when they did it, it was to policies that the dude actually supported.


Publius said...

I dispute that last bit about the left's reactions to Bush, but who is complaining about Obama taking away guns? I have not seen this story. So far, Obama has not made any rule changes to take guns away. The closest he's come is to appoint all sorts of gun grabbers to positions throughout his administration, but those anti-constitutionalists have not yet made any new gun rulings.

Danielk said...