Monday, June 28, 2010

Finding This A Little Disturbing?

Aloha Dave Weigel. Just like that Geico spokesman before him, Weigel expressed opinions in a private setting that the tea baggers didn't like, so they made these opinions public, then somehow got the guy fired. So essentially got a guy fired for THINKING BAD THOUGHTS.

The usual parade of sarcasm will not follow this time. I'm just a little scared that this strategy is succeeding. Come on man, we're Americans. Everybody is entitled to their opinions. Glenn Beck has said some stuff that's pretty crazy but he's not only still saying it on national TV every night, I'm GLAD he's there. I'd be glad to hear the Tea Party Activists decrying Dave Weigel. I just don't want to see Dave Weigel lose his job because they have free speech and not him.

And yes, I did use the term TEA BAGGERS in the first paragraph, per early Tea Party self-identification.


Stanley McChrystal said...

I have to agree with you here. How can someone lose their job for their thoughts?

Danielk said...

Begging your pardon retired General sir, but your thoughts were published. And vetted by you prior to publication. And that publication was a violation of the chain of command that you were bound to uphold. Sir.

Stanley again said...

Were they my thoughts, or what someone said I said? I don't recall any of the quotes being attributed to me.

I'm sure you will point out the ones that were though, right?

I mean, it's not like a potential Supreme Court Justice said it's okay if a law was written that banned books or anything..

Do you find Ms. Kagan's thoughts on this matter "disturbing"?

Clarity, please. said...

Just wondering how Weigel was "exposed". Did a teabagger hack into his email account, and read his private messages? Did Sarah Palin somehow gain access to his voicemail password, and listen to what was there?

What was the "private setting" that was somehow broached?

I sure hope it wasn't something as "easy" as Weigel writing down his thoughts, and his own "vetting" before hittng the submit button on a public forum on the internet.

Danielk said...

Again, General, you may recall that the remarks in question were published in a profile (with interview) in Rolling Stone magazine. And you have freely admitted that the piece accurately reflects what was said. Hey, here it is now!

Anyway, it's a moot point in your case sir, because the issue wasn't what you said, it was insubordination. In military life, I know you agree that insubordination can lead to loss of life, which is why you resigned.

Weigel wasn't exposed - he was hounded out of his job because of opinions expressed outside the public arena.

Look I know there is plenty of hypocrisy here. Lots of my pals on the left scream every day that Ann Coulter should not be allowed on the air, or Rush, or Glenn Beck. The difference is a: it's for things that they said IN PUBLIC, so they knew what kind of response to expect, and b: they all still have jobs.

I'm not sure what you're bringing up Kagen for, but I assume you're demanding that she be fired.

Publius said...

... but, wait. This is what the left has been doing in America for decades. Only NOW you don't like it??? Oh, wait. I get it. You only agree that non-leftists should be eliminated for thought crimes. I forgot.

Danielk said...

Publius, name a few examples. I'm sure you have them, but I suspect they weren't pilloried for private remarks. I'll be willing to admit I'm wrong though.

Reality said...

Insubordination, eh? Why was McC not courts-martialed then? Isn't that the puinishmewnt for insubordination?

If it was such a horrible offense by the military leader, shouldn't the Commander in Chief have done more to ensure this type of behavior didn't happen again?

Weigel was "exposed" when another member of JournoList provided archives to someone outside of the JournoList "membership".

If Skull and Bones member George Bush told Skull and Bones member John Kerry during a Skull and Bones meeting that he wanted to someday blow up the World Trade Center, blame it on Muslims, and then invade a Middle Eastern Country to line the pockets of his buddies. Then Skull and Bones member John Kerry handed off the typewritten minutes of that private meeting to a reporter of the New York Times, would you feel the same way?

Of course you wouldn't, so spare me your "outrage" over this.

Anyone that has ever posted a comment, written a blog post, or visited a chat room understands one thing: there is no such thing as "privacy" online.

Weigel is guilty of poor judgement. No one forced him to write what he wrote. No one forced him to join JournoList. No one forced him to participate.

Actions have consequences.

The irony is you are pissed that he got "exposed", but completely ignore that his exposure came from someone on the Left that thought he wasn't Liberal enough.

It wasn't Breitbart, or O'Keefe, or Drudge, or Rush, or Hannity, or Beck, or Coulter, or Savage that "outed" him.

Is was someone like Olbermann, or Matthews, or Maddow, or Schultz, or Klein, or Milbank, or Dowd, or Kos.

Danielk said...

You know who outed the guy? Who was it?

one of the 400 invited members of the Liberal Media said...

One of us.

Danielk said...

Of course it was, because the liberal media has an interest is ferreting out the journalists who aren't far-right enough.