Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Wrong to Not Let Business Step On You

Congratulations, conservatives! Your drive over the years to ensure a more business-friendly Supreme Court has resulted in Jeffery Skilling getting a little break. How can American business thrive if they have to throw away one of the best tools in their arsenal - faking scarcity to drive up price? What's next, not allowing collusion? Having to tell the truth to investors about profits? Come on!

Meanwhile, why oh why are we making BP pay for that oil spill? Getting them to agree to put up money for reparations is exactly like what Hitler did. And notice BP wasn't forced by any laws to set up that escrow fund - they volunteered! How DARE we even ASK an oil company to PAY for DAMAGE?

And credit card companies - why should they have to limit their rates? All that does it give loan sharks an unfair competitive advantage. Until the banks and loan sharks can operate exactly the same way, this is a socialist nation.

How I long for 1911, the year the Triangle Shirtwaist factory was in business. 99 years ago, we didn't have all these regulations and people were better for it. Why do I have to pay taxes just to drive up the price of my meats and food to meet so-called "safety" regulations - that stuff is a lot cheaper in Mexico and Somalia and they don't have any health problems! Tell you what, if this doesn't change soon, I'm moving to Costa Rica like Rush Limbaugh did and starting a life there.

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