Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Impossible Dream

Joe Miller, 'bagger candidate for Governor of Alaska, is willing to support unconstitutional practices until a completely impossible event makes them unnessesary.

KING: Now you have said you believe extending unemployment benefits and federal unemployment benefits are unconstitutional.

MILLER: Let me tell you why. The Democratic Party and even the votes that many of which Murkowski voted in support of the Democratic Party is not the answer to putting people back to work. And as long as the federal government stays on the back of the American worker by too much regulation, by creating an anti-competitive atmosphere, by taxation, we absolutely are going to maintain the unemployment benefits so that workers can continue to be where they need to be but long term there has to be a transition there, too. …
So until all laws regulating business (you know, safety things, anti-trust things, minimum wage things) are repealed, let the welfare state thrive! Presumably with borrowed money. No wonder these guys are anti government - they fear it for its powerful magic!

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