Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Levees Aren't Holding

Republicans hate the free press.

They would like to drive young homosexuals to commit suicide. Did I mention that the blog belongs to the Assistant Attorney General of Michigan?

They hate immigrants because they believe all immigrants are illegal criminals.

They hate the idea of businesses having to adhere to contracts they signed, especially when it involves money you gave them for pensions. They businesses have that money now, why can't they keep it? Same thing with social security, except they want to take that money and give it to businesses you don't even work for.

These issues aren't what they're really running on, but it keeps slipping out anyway. What are they running on, anyway? Further tax cuts, I think. That's it. They want to get into office, cut some taxes, and spend a few years doing nothing else and living well on your grandchildren's money.

All I'm asking is a little narrative discipline, you guys! Give me something plausible!

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