Friday, September 30, 2011

The New Christie Minstrels

My vlog Wednesday night, about Chris Christie's expected entry into the Republican primary, drew criticism. And I was expecting some - it was a cheap shot about how awful all the other Republican candidates are, and how Christie's weight made him a terrible choice for President of the United States. I'd expect people to rise in the defense of the slate of candidates and rip into me for my juvenile "comedy" argument, making fun of a fat man without even taking the trouble to enumerate his positions on the issues.

Interestingly, this is not the approach that my (limited) readership took.

Rather than address my points, they chose to tacitly agree with them and point out that I, too, am too unattractive to run for president. In fact, if I'm misreading their arguments correctly, I have no right to criticize Christie because I am as fat as he is. I'm a little taken aback by that notion - the man doesn't look like he's 155 pounds to me.

But I'm biased. Maybe he is the same weight as I am, which begs the question: is America ready for a president who's only 4'3" tall?

Anyway, even though they wouldn't address my points directly (or even tell me that they HAD failed to address them) it's nice to know that I and my 'bagger friends agree that there are no electable Republicans running right now. And none on the horizon. They'll find their shining star like they did last time - three weeks before the election.

Actually three weeks is a little too much exposure - expect the real nominee to emerge around noon on Election Day.

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