Friday, October 07, 2011

Liberal Media Outrage - Hank Williams Jr. Fired!

It's official - apparently appearing in a drunken rambling live television interview and comparing the president to Hitler IS enough to get you knocked off a lucrative royalties-saturated gig in an unrelated field. Hank Williams Jr. is out! 

Tea Party nation demands that you stop watching Monday Night Football. Football has a liberal bias!  Perhaps they will devise their own football, using patriot-styled uniforms and no dusky players. Maybe they can call it the TPFL. 

Good news though! From the Tea Party Nation link:
Hank Williams, Jr. is rumored to be thinking about running for the US Senate in Tennessee. As a Tennessean, all I can say is, “Run Hank Run!”
I see a LOT more money coming in for Mr. W. Jr. Can you say, "HankPac?" Hey it worked for Sarah Palin. If he doesn't run, he can always go the Charlie Sheen route and make his money back in frivolous lawsuits.


Tom Brady said...

There already is a team that wears patriot-styled uniforms. I think they have had some success over the last decade, too.

Danielk said...

Unfortunately Mr. Brady, Tea Party nation insists that your team be boycotted if they're playing on ESPN on Monday night.