Thursday, December 01, 2011

Do Your Homework, 12/01

Michele Bachmann, embassies, Iran -- on second thought, never mind. We're talking about Michele Bachmann here.


Barack Obama said...

She would probably send in some "corps-men" from our military to shut it down.

She could also send in some of our fallen heroes, too.

I hate it when political people are so stupid, and say dumb things.

Thank goodness I don't ever make mistakes!

Danielk said...

"Republican John Danforth, who served as a senator from Missouri for nearly 20 years and later as George W. Bush’s ambassador the United Nations, is not happy with the slate of Republican presidential candidates. “I’ve been watching some of these Republican debates and they’re just terrible. Terrible,” he told KTRS in St. Louis yesterday. “It’s embarrassing for me as a Republican to watch this stuff,” he added, calling out audiences for applauding the candidates’ morbid boastings."