Thursday, December 08, 2011

Political Wire Buries the Lead

Newt Gingrich, a man so beloved of Republicans that they once censured him, is in a little trouble now for promising a cabinet post to someone before he has been elected, an apparent violation of election law. Big deal! The real sizzler here is the detail - he's promising to appoint John Bolton Secretary of State.

John Bolton! A man so beloved of Republicans that they failed to confirm him as our Ambassador to the UN! This is the guy that Gingrich would send around the world to persuade countries to cooperate with us. After that, he may try to convince Nancy Pelosi to run the RNC. I wonder if he can get George W. Bush out of retirement to handle INS?

Honestly, I think Newt is trying to torpedo his candidacy. Between this promise and the child labor talk, he pretty obviously is laying the groundwork for a Rick Perry/Michele Bachmann/Herman Cain style popularity arc.


Eric Holder said...

Hey, speaking of violating laws, is it illegal to use taxpayer funds to purchase guns, then instruct gun-shop owners to sell them to unsavory characters from across the border, and then have the guns in question used in murders against American citizens, and then denying knowledge of it later? Is that a violation of laws?

Danielk said...

Some say it is! We'll back to the factor after this.

So Bolton becoming the crazy mustachioed face of our foreign policy not a problem with you ?

Crystal Ball said...

Are you asking me if I'm concerned that a person who doesn't have the nomination of his Party, who also hasn't won an election 11 months in the future, is considering nominating a person who probably wouldn't pass muster from the Senate? No, I'm not at this point. If any of the aforementioned statuses change, I'll be happy to reevaluate.

In the meantime, let's step back to something that has actually happened, Fast and Furious, and Eric Holders involvement. What are your thoughts on the matter, or do you only worry abouth things that might happen a year into the future?

Danielk said...

OMIGOD --- it's William Krystol! I've always wanted to ask you about your famous predictions!

I've said it before, you guys manufacture your scandals. Is F&F a bigger thing than Obama not mentioning God enough in that speech last week? Is it more important to you than Climategate? Or the war on Christmas? Or the increased taxes you've been paying ever since Obama took office? How can I tell?

Keep Your Head In The Sand said...

I see that you aren't concerned with taxpayer-funded murder of American and Mexican citizens, at the hands of the DOJ. I wonder if you would feel the same if the President were John McCain, instead of Barack Obama.

I recognize that since you only get your "news" from Think Progress and Wonkette, and they haven't provided talking points on why F & F isn't a big deal, you have to resort to snark.

And yes, I'd consider F & F to be bigger than the President not mentioning God in a speech.

Danielk said...

Hey, who conceived Fast and Furious anyway? As I understand it, it's part of Project Gunrunner which was put into motion in 2006.

Denial ain't a river in Egypt said...

Nice try, but the murders and allowing the weapons to be purchased occured under the watch of the Holder DOJ.

And if indded you do believe that Gunrunner and F & F were/are exactly the same, why didn't Eric Holder stop it? Why did he continue to allow the program to operate?

There are only two options here:
that Holder knew of the operation, and allowed it to happen, or that he didn't know what was happening in his own department.

Either one shows that he is unfit to lead that department, doesn't it?

Danielk said...

So let's investigate Holder and determine if there was negligence, shall we? Oh we are? Okay then.

If The Answer Is Yes, Why? said...

Is there any reason why he should continue to hold his postion while he is being investigated?

Danielk said...

Probably not, but it's not exactly easy to get a replacement confirmed nowadays. We'd be without an attorney general for years.

Danielk said...

By the way, I'm pretty sure that "Project Gunrunner" had the intention of selling guns in 2006, but they simply took so long to organize that the first transactions didn't take place until after. Otherwise why not call it Project Scold The Druglords or something?

Holder certainly should have put an end to the plan when he came in. It was clearly insane.