Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warner Todd Huston Throws The Tea Party Under The Bus!

Just cut ‘n’ pasted from Facebook!

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Warner Todd Huston
Want proof that Democrats are just liars? In his briefing to the press on how Obama will win in 2012 David Axelrod said that the GOP nomination is controlled by the extremists of the Tea Party. Obviously that is a lie as NEITHER of the two frontrunners are Tea Party nominees. How can the Tea Party be in control if their guys aren't even winning??
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    • Mark as Spam
      Bob Madden I would submit that since the poster boy for the progressive wing of the republican party leads in most polls that it is either a lie, or he is extremely clueless. Maybe a little of both?
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    • Daniel Krause It may be less of a lie than a fervent hope.
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    • Warner Todd Huston LOL, could be, Daniel!
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