Friday, January 27, 2012

Far Left Liberal Website Calls For Moderation

Wonkette isn't all that far left liberal, or at least they're willing to throw a liberal under the bus if there's a good laugh in it. And today, they turned their special branded sarcasm to a recently published study.

Hey look! It’s that time of year again, and the semi-annual release of some or another study claiming that conservatives are stupid has finally landed on liberal doorsteps across America. Perfect timing, really! Since, you know, the one thing the country needs right now more than just about anything else is yet another excuse to avoid the hard work of looking at those we disagree with as equal partners in a national conversation, people who we must engage with and convince—and, oh, maybe as a result challenge ourselves to check our work and, you know, make better arguments! But hey, now we can all let ourselves off the hook and just deride them as all a bunch of idiots who aren’t even worth talking to in the first place. Thank you, science! Yes, this is quite obviously how we will move forward together as a nation. (It was the dramatic improvement in the quality of the national discourse evidenced after the last two dozen times a study like this was published that gives us so much faith.)
I'm with these guys. Demonizing the opposing party by calling them sub-human (or in the case of Pat Robertson, literal demons) does not lead to solutions. Now and then, it leads to genocide. We all want a better country and our only difference is how best to achieve it. And there is no rational reason to assume the brains are distributed differently on either side.

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