Friday, January 27, 2012

Treaties! Hunh! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothin'!

Fiscal conservative hero Newt Gingrich's plan to build an All-American Colony on the moon.

There are a few problems with this plan. Among them - it will be awfully hard to pay for this moonbase without raising taxes. Putting money into researching new ideas (instead of "technologies that are 50 years old") well, that's what got Obama in trouble with this Solyndra thing. And if we turn most of the development over to private enterprise, the moonbase won't be American - it'll belong to Richard Branson.

But maybe the most interesting flaw in Gingrich's extremely well-though-out plan is this - we have a treaty with the Soviets and the British forbidding the claiming of space for national interests. We can build there, but we can't declare it a state.

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