Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Follow The Oil

Federalism rears its magnificent head today in the form of a veto -- President Obama is said to be ready to announce he will veto the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, because he is forced to decide now in order for the payroll tax entension to go through. The pipe is being rerouted and as of today, no one can say where the pipe will be.

So there are two things now that the Republicans are willing to throw under the bus for the sake of their oil company buddies. The first was a payroll tax extension - normally they wouldn't even consider blocking a tax cut but they used the occasion to force Obama to agree to this oil pipeline, and once he did the bill went through. Now they are also up in arms because the President isn't FORCING STATES TO ALLOW CONTRUCTION of a pipelene across them.

If only there was a way to get oil from Canada across the states without using a pipeline! This will destroy our economy.

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