Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Extremely Clever Metaphor

This is a perfect explanation of how entrepreneurism works. This little girls didn't build their lemonade stand with the help of the government! Unless you count the fact that it's next to a public road, which is their only source of customers. And most likely they're using water from a public reservoir (maybe it was pumped from well water, probably not) and they're trading using currency instead of livestock. 

And the lemons and sugar also benefitted from the use of public roads.  Oh and ice... had to have electricity to make ice! Public utility again. You can generate your own (Ed Begly Jr. does it all the time!) but most people do not, especially conservatives.

Plus if the girls weren't home-schooled in math and English, there's a possible issue there too. So sure it's possible to to build this lemonade stand and sell lemonade using only private roads, self-generated electricity and water, private schools and so on.... but after you've paid for all that, try turning a profit on $.50 a glass. 

But otherwise, NoObama is completely wrong!

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