Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adults In the Room?

Okay, time for serious.

Yesterday I took issue with a guy on Facebook who was posting unflattering charicatures of democratic figures. This is an example:

Unlike the other democrat animals, Nancy Pelosi never had a childhood. She was simply spawned as an adult female dog, or Bitch.
"Klassy!" I responded. He asked if I was offended, and I said no more than you would be by people referring to George W. Bush as "Chimpy." And it degenerated from there. I know, you think it can't get lower than this but it can. Oh, it can.

He cited the terrible things Democrats have done as motivations for his sides terrible things, and I cited earlier terrible things to excuse those. In this way we both blamed others for our own immaturity.

In fact, I'll cop to one of my transgressions now: earlier this year I made fun of Chris Christie's weight, right here, on this blog. Rather than double down now, I will admit I was wrong, apologize to Governor Christie and all his fans, and promise to not do it again. All this without anyone demanding an apology, because that means something.

Now look, the rest of you. If you say something as stupid as I just admitted to because the other guys did it first, or they made you do it, know that it's a zero sum game. What you're admitting is that what they did wasn't so bad, because you forgive yourself for it. So if you're saying you're offended by their behavior, you're lying. And we can all agree that there's too much lying in politics. Don't stir more in.

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