Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Founding Fathers Hated Door-To-Door Salesment

"Stand your ground" strikes another blow for freedom!

On Wednesday, Kenneth Roop, 52, of Cape Coral, pointed a gun again, police say, and this time fired two shots, telling police he was "in fear." He is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Nick Rainey, 30, who wanted to sell him frozen steaks and lobster.
Rainey, an employee of Blue Ribbon Steak and Seafood, had just knocked on Roop's door at 1815 SW 30th Terrace and gotten no response when Roop pulled into the driveway, driving a pickup, according to an arrest report released Thursday.
Explaining his actions to police after the shooting, Roop said he became "more than a little nervous" as Rainey walked down the driveway toward his truck and appeared to have something in his hand. 
As Rainey drew within 4 feet, Roop grabbed his 9mm Glock from his pocket and fired once, striking Rainey in the shoulder, he told police. Rainey fell to the ground, screaming, 'You shot me,' in what Roop described as an "antagonistic" manner, according to the report.
If only Roop had managed to be a little more jocular toward his assailant, he might have avoided a final bullet to the back of his head. I think we can all agree that Rainey owes Roop an apology. But Rainey is too arrogant (and dead) to make one.

The quoted article above alludes to the other time Roop exercised his gun rights in a perfectly reasonable way, when he pulled a pistol on a METER READER (socialist home invader) 7 years ago. When will the madness stop? You guys, quit frightening Kenneth Roop!

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