Friday, March 29, 2013

It Should! IT SHOULD Enrage You!

Please pick one: are you A. Enraged! B. Terrified! about Michelle Obama's Easter Egg hunt this year?


This year's White House Easter Egg Roll has been turned into a "fat camp" to inflict exercise and the First Lady's "Let's Move!" healthy meal plans on kids who want just want to celebrate the season on the South Lawn.An e-mail from the "Let's Move!" campaign says the Easter Egg Roll has been turned into a "Let's Move! Social":There will even be a physical activity regime, something called "sports courts," and cooking demonstrations to "educate families," the White House Easter Egg Roll web page says.
 You might think this isn't a rage-inducing idea, but take a look at the comments!

Too bad she did not plan a "vacation" for the Easter Egg Roll Day!This is so disgusting........can not wait until we toss them out of the White House......

Leave it alone Mr's Obuman. The Egg hunt is a tridition. You are just a wife not a queen so stay in the kitchen and leave our traditions alone. This is the kids party not yours. You should keep your self in your own household and stay out of ours. Keep in mind that the egg hunt is held on the lawn of the People's House, not your house for 134 years. Who the hell do you think you are to take that tradition away. If I could send my grandchildren they would show up wearing T shirts protesting your theft of another American tradition from children but I guess you would find some obscure reason to have them denied access or even arested. We dont like your idea of change. We didn't just start to like America like you did. We were born in America and we were all born naked and poor. Some were white, some were black, some were brown and some were a bit yellow. As intigrated Americans some of us fought and died for America and our traditions while ohers served as patriots in other ways. So hurry up and go back to Chicago and take your un-American atitude with you. ROLL OUT THE EGGS.

You have to admire the chutzpah and the arrogance of the obozos in presuming that we are all too stupid to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle choices without their interference.Their disdain for the population at large is palpable.

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